With Nader Khan

It’s never too late to flex those creative muscles!  Comfortably delve into the beats and rhythms of Arab, South Asian, and North African hand drumming styles. This workshop invites learners of all proficiencies to discover the technical, historical, and spiritual attributes of these ancient art forms.

Devotional Music Courses

With Nader Khan

This program seeks to establish a better understanding of the basis for Islamic Devotional Music, its powerful role in the transmission of faith, and its overall purpose in our tradition. This is an excellent introduction to a rich and intricate journey of music within Islamic traditions.



With Dr. Bano Murtuja

The life and times of the Prophet, peace be upon him, is a story that constantly unveils poignant lessons and a renewed appreciation of his struggles and triumphs. These comprehensive classes cover the political, historical, and social context of his story. Whether you are looking to learn or reconnect, these classes are suitable for Muslim and non-Muslim students alike and can be tailored for any age group.

Songwriting 101

With Dawud Wharnsby

This class walks middle and high school students through unique writing experiments, helping them build their own poems, songs, raps and stories – but more importantly: helping them build their confidence and self-esteem. Dawud helps even the most tentative students dig deep into their imagination to unleash feelings, emotions and creativity in ways they might have never attempted to try before.


Illustrative Arts

With Unaiza Karim

Uncover beautiful traditions of colour and design. With multiple themes, students can explore classical biomorphic forms used in Turkish ornament, the culture defining art and architecture of Al Andalus, or the beauty of nature and society as explored by the Mughal Empire. Classes will focus on drawing skills and traditional painting techniques. Sessions will give you plenty of time to learn and hone your ability to create glorious arrangements with radiant colours. 


Music Workshop

With Dawud Wharnsby

Aimed specifically at faith-based audiences in private school settings, The Rhythm Of Surrender is a non-political, non-dogmatic, “God centered” approach to helping children understand faith, scripture and their world in a whole new way. Students are encouraged to celebrate and openly discuss not only the humanitarian aspects of tolerance and social concern, but also how their awareness of God relates to their daily lives.


Coming of Age

With Dr. Bano Murtuja (female)

With Amjad Tarsin (male)

Growing older holds many challenges.  Whether it is understanding the changes in one’s body, recognizing the barriers, pitfalls and appropriate levels of gender interaction to appreciating what it means to be a strong, confident citizen that upholds Islamic beliefs and practice with dignity and self respect. These courses are tailored with care and nuance for male or female audiences.



The majority of our artist/educators work at a rate of $100/hour.  This rate can fluctuate slightly depending on material costs, travel, class size, etc.  Workshops are typically divided into hour-long sessions which are usually delivered once a week. Depending on the category, workshops can run anywhere from 4 weeks, to year long curriculums based on the consistency and amount of detail you would like in the material.  However, we work diligently to make sure our services fit within your schedule.